We at Chesapeake EMS of Maryland are currently creating our own path in the private EMS sector.  The reputation of commercial EMS has been tarnished by unrealistic pick up times and undervalued employees.  That stops with us.

Our passion is for people and it starts from the top with our customers and works it way down to the bottom where our leadership falls.  Wait, what?  Leadership at the bottom?  You read that correctly.  We use the inverted organization structure in our business model as shown below.  Our customers and patients are number one, followed by our employees and leadership is at the bottom.  The leadership of Chesapeake EMS believes empowered employees play a more prominent role in taking ownership of success.  Thus providing better patient care and greater customer service than our competition.

Our mission statement is as follows: "To serve individuals and their families with safe, punctual and reliable medical transportation.  All the while, focusing on patient advocacy and professionalism".  To achieve our mission statement we knew we could not be just another commercial ambulance company.  We had to be THE commercial ambulance company.  We are Chesapeake EMS. 

Why choose Chesapeake EMS?